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MarcasiteĀ is a brassy, brittle mineral sometimes confused with pyrite, otherwise known as fool’s gold.

Marcasite_Small_Blog_2011-06-01 Used during the Victorian period, marcasite jewelry is popular today because of its vintage look, not to mention its affordability. That holds true for both antique marcasite jewelry as well as brand new, vintage-inspired jewelry. Many department store jewelry counters boast a wide selection of marcasite jewelry. With metallic looks coming into vogue, the tarnished appearance of marcasite jewelry promises to become even more popular. Not quite gold and not quite silver, marcasite offers a good compromise between the two. With a hardness of 6-6.5, marcasite can be fragile and is therefore best suited to necklaces and earrings, rather than rings, which can get knocked around. Antique marcasite jewelry is even more delicate. In fact, marcasite occasionally suffers from a condition known as “pyrite decay.” In these instances, a specimen, chosen seemingly at random, slowly disintegrates into a white powder. Rest assured that none of the marcasite jewelry available at will suffer such a terrible fate!

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