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  • Aya Azrielant

    An accomplished executive and jewelry designer, Aya Azrielant brings her unique talents to her signature jewelry line that is at once affordable and practical yet artistic and trendy. Known for her starfish and beaded motifs, Aya uses sterling silver and crystals in versatile, modern designs suitable for the contemporary woman.

    Aya Azrielant Starfish Earrings in Sterling Silver
  • About The Designer

    Aya Azrielant is one of the most visible and highly regarded figures in the jewelry industry today. She was born and raised in the countryside of Israel. Many generations of family members involved in the arts played a role in shaping Aya’s artistic spirit. Sculpture, poetry, philosophy and music were a daily part of Aya’s life and inspire her jewelry designs today. She went on to study fine arts and literature at Haifa University and filmmaking in London.

    Aya Azrielant Portrait
  • About The Jewelry

    Aya’s debut 18K gold collection with her famous starfish pin put her on the map, both in the United States and abroad. Recently, Aya has added a more contemporary line using sterling silver and crystals staying loyal to her design elements with the beaded textures and starfish motifs. Aya travels the world discovering the latest trends, presenting her designs on prestigious cruise lines and key retail outlets.

    Aya Azrielant   |  Pendant in Sterling Silver  |  Starfish with Azure and White Swarovski Crystal  |  Starfish with Pearl and White Swarovski Crystal  |  Starfish with Cerulean, Sky and White Swarovski Crystal
  • “My vision is to create designer jewelry that is affordable and practical, yet elegant and trendy for the contemporary woman.”
    Aya Azrielant Necklace with Black and Silver Beads and Swarovski Crystal

Aya Azrielant

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