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  • Sajen

    Created by Marianna and Richard Jacobs, Sajen Jewelry features contemporary designs with a strong Balinese artisan influence. Each piece is characterized by the innovative use of exotic gems.

    Sajen  |  Ring in Sterling Silver  |  Azotic Steely Blue Druzy  |  Pink Opal Quartz
  • About The Jewelry

    Sajen was originally known for their unique goddess jewelry, with hand-carved bone faces. They have since expanded their offering to include a complete line of designer jewelry featuring exotic gemstones in sterling silver and 22K gold over silver. Each jewelry design is done in limited quantities and many pieces are produced for only a year. Highlights include the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ ring assortment and daring Druzy designs.

    Sajen Pink Opal and Rainbow Moonstone Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
  • About The Designer

    Sajen Jewelry is the designer brand of Marianna and Richard Jacobs. Their contemporary jewelry designs have a strong Balinese artisan influence, and are characterized by ornate flourishes and exotic gems and semi-precious gemstones like Druzy, Moonstone and Quartz.

    Sajen  |  Pendant in Sterling Silver  |  Mother-of-Pearl and Purple Quartz Butterfly   |  Pink Druzy


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